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Raymond Jaquez is a multidisciplinary artist born in the Dominican Republic. Voice-over, music producer/singer and actor. Throughout his career he has worked for the audiovisual markets of countries such as Italy, France, Greece, USA, Latin America and of course his native Dominican Republic.

From an early age he felt curiosity for the arts, taking part in the theatrical events of the Scuola Elementare Sebastiano Barozzi in Italy, the country he grew up.

In the teenager years, the need to express his emotions leads him to discover one of his favorite languages, music.

In 2002 he began his studies at the ''Escuela Nacional de Locución Profesor Otto Rivera'', motivated by his godmother Yolanda Quiroz who told him that he had an announcer type of voice.

In this institution he was recognized as a young promise of the media in the Dominican Republic.

In this school he meets Rosa Amelia Ramírez who was the host of a TV space called El Consumidor Joven in Telesistema channel 11. She invited Raymond to co-host this show.

That same year he participated in a couple of chapters of the TV series Chronicles of Crime in Amé channel 47.

In 2003 still at the Otto Rivera School, his friend Miguel Falete tells him about an idea of a radio show for a homework.

The conversation was full of creativity and the initiative arose for both to dare to call radio stations in the search of an opportunity to put the show on air.

One week later they met with Jenny Cabrera who at the time was director of Neón 89.3 and received the yes, to start the DanceMuTech radio show, specialized in world music, technology and general information.

In 2004 he entered Telecentro channel 13 as part of the talents of Ruta Latina, a TV show hosted by Yagelis Vasquez.

That same year he became the voiceover of NotiArte, TV show hosted by Angelina Baldera.

One day he receives a call from his godmother Yolanda Quiroz who is also a an announcer/writer and tells Raymond about a film festival where you could be chosen to travel to pitch your script within the space of its audiovisual market.

Raymond had an idea for a script, but time was playing against him. He just had four days before the script reception closing.

2 days without sleep and a lot of passion were the ingredients that a few months later took him to the Brussels Film Festival in Belgium, a journey that marked his life and where he generated good contacts and friendships for his development as a professional.

Back in the Dominican Republic, he was part of the cast in the music video "Yo Soy" by Milly Quezada and Ramón Orlando, directed by Francis Disla ''El Indio''.

That year he was selected for a supporting character in an Ecuador commercial for the brand Barbatun, where he played one of the pirates.

In 2005 he got back to the radio world as the announcer of the evening hours for Latidos 93.7 where he grew up as a professional by the hand of the director Marino Vasquez.

In this station he had the opportunity to interview outstanding artists such as Gloria Trevi among others.

In 2006 Raymond became the commercial voiceover of Bohemia Beer.

He is hired by Ms. Tita Hasbun to be the voiceover of her iconic TV show fashion TV. Later he became a reporter and producer of the show.

Months later in 2007 Alan Bei, French director and creative chooses Raymond to play the main role with Nashla Bogaert in his theatre play Sherezade.

This was his 1st professional experience in the theatre, an opportunity that exposed Raymond to the eye of the master Enrique Chao, who invited him to study in his school and gave him the opportunity to perform in the show "Sueño de Una Noche de Teatro" at the Teatro Nacional of Santo Domingo.

Enrique, as for many RD talents, became a father to Raymond.

In 2008 Raymond becomes the official voice of the DR Global Film Festival and still is today.

For several years he also had the role of TV host on the red carpet of the festival, interviewing great actors such as Michael Madson, Geraldine Chaplin, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez among others.

Raymond later decided to focus on music, becoming part of several projects in the area of film and also artists and bands projects.

This are some of these projects.

"All Lit Up" Composer Dir. Kryzz Gautier & Olivier Loranger Gagnon (Boston, USA)

"Hallelujah" Composer Dir. Laura Gómez (USA)

"El Gallo" Composer Dir. Juan Fernandez (Rep. Dom.)

"Marasma" Composer Dir. Kryzz Gautier/Canes Short Film Corner (USA)

"La Ruta Brugal" Composer Soundtrack Dir. Rafael Elias Muñoz (Rep. Dom.)

"En Medio Del Dolor" Composer Dir. Luis Corporan Prod. Youssel Abreu (Rep. Dom.)

He creates the Epic/Folk band Trilogy8 singer/producer

Music producer in "Soy" 1st GenJI Endo album

"Aquella Que Va Sobre Zancos" Composer Dir. Francisco Montas (Rep. Dom.)

"El Seno De La Esperanza" Composer Dir. Freddy Vargas (Rep. Dom. - USA)

"REX The Lost Medallion" Location Trailer Composer Prod. Enzo Odoguardi (Italia)

"The Voodoo List" Composer Dir. Angelo Rizzo (Italia)

"La Hija Natural" Composer of the soap opera inside the film Dir. Leticia Tonos (Rep. Dom.)

''Bosch, solo Letras" Composer Official Selection 3er Festival De Cine Global Dominicano (Rep. Dom.)

"Record" Composer Dir. Alexander Viola (Rep. Dom.)

La Mancha Indeleble Composer Dir. Francisco Montas (Rep. Dom.)

In 2010 he became the official voiceover of the loteka lottery.

That same year he was actor and composer in the Italian film "The Voodos List".

In that same year Raymond created his irreverent alternative musical project Gallo Lester, a character with the head of a rooster. With this project he let out his voice of protest with fusion music under the brand ''Mambo Metal''.

For several years under Gallo Lester, Raymond released many viral videos that took him to music venues in the United States and to be interviewed by prestigious TV networks such as Telemundo.

In 2011 he traveled to Rochester, New York to work on the alternative cut music of Sophomore Movie, starring Amanda Plummer.

Back to RD in 2012 he met Jeimy Morgana, singer and producer with whom he joins to create the film music band RayMorgana.

Later he takes part as a guide on camera for the reality show "Il Re Del Ballo" with football legends Marco del Vecchio and Bobo Vieri, presented by Milly Carlucci for Italian TV.

In 2012 Raymond Jaquez was chosen in a casting of the Australian company StarNow among thousands of talents around the world to be part of the 10 protagonists of Hollywood Immersive in Los Angeles California.

Hollywood Immersive is a program where they expose talents from around the world to specialists, managers, producers and mentors in order to provide them with the tools and knowledge for success.

On that occasion Raymond had the opportunity to perform his music at the legendary EastWest Studios, where legends such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and others have worked.

He was the composer and music producer of the Opening for the "6th DR Global Film Festival"

In 2013 he played the role Gonzalez, a revolutionary in "Biodegradable" movie by Juan Basanta.

Later he connects again to the world of advertising voiceover and music, working with important brands such as Grupo Ramos, Laboratorios Amadita, Grupo SID, Grupo Universal, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana, Wendy's, Unicef among others.

That same year Raymond was the music producer of the "Gladiadoras" fashion show of designer Giannina Azar within the Dominicana Moda event.

In 2015 he traveled to Colombia for the theatre festival of Manizales with the cabaret play "Como Un Bolero"' by Cuban director Raul Martin. In this play he was music producer and actor.

In 2016 he became the official voiceover of the Antena 7 TV channel.

Recently Raymond participated in the American series "Tropical Cop Tales", he also played the "Sidekick" role in the American film "Miss Havisham Effect" starring Obba Babatundé, filmed in the Dominican Republic and yet to be released.

He also played "Miguelón" in José María Cabral's "El Proyeccionista" and also the character "Casio" in the movie "Juanita" by the director Leticia Tonos.

In December 2019 he traveled to Boston to play the character "Victor" for director Tabaré Blanchard's El App Movie and more recently had a scene with Mark Walhberg in the movie "Artur The King" filmed in the Dominican Republic.

In early 2019 Raymond was chosen as the voice of the new Jose Cuervo Tequila's campaign in Greece in the English language.

En 2020 con la campaña Cuervo Paloma Raymond se alzó como el primer latinoamericano en ganar la categoría ''Best International Voiceover Performance Male'' en los competitivos premios One Voice Awards de Inglaterra.

Raymond is currently nominated for the second time at the One Voice Awards (2021).

Raymond has worked in campaigns for Samsung in Israel, Taescol in Colombia, in the USA, Kio Network in Mexico and other companies in Italy, Puerto Rico, France and Greece.

In DR, Jáquez's voice is very popular, since he has worked in various advertising campaigns for prestigious Dominican brands and institutions such as Presidente, RD Government, Farmacia Carol , CCN, among others.

In addition, it is the institutional voice of the Antena 7 channel.

The use of English, Italian and Spanish, combined with the particular voice of Jáquez, have opened the doors for him to other markets, which put the name of the Dominican flag high.

At the beginning of the pandemic Raymond released a music album under the pseudonym "Hiamu" His partner, Jeimy Morgana and him worked on the concepts and production of the album titled '' 1983 '' where, in addition, Jáquez made his debut as a director in several 1983 music videos.

Today Raymond continues to expand the boundaries of his career and knowledge in the many areas that he is passionate about, and that ultimately is the food that keeps his curious spirit alive on this journey we call life.


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